Science is about understanding. Not about selling. Fortunately, rhetorical training can be so much more than just some fancy salesman's tricks. With science communication and rhetoric you can improve speaking both clearly and illustratively as well as understandable and interestingly, without compromising the scientific contents of your matter even if it is complex.

Both in sciences and in the humanities presentation and verbal evaluation of arguments play an eminent role. This holds true for written communication, but even more so for oral presentations. The one who does not master the specific challenges of oral science communication exposes themselves to waste potential when it comes to attracting attention to the own results at conferences, to inspiring young academics during lectures or to convincing as a person in probation lectures.

In my training science communication and rhetoric you learn how to present complex matters without losing your audience behind the sometimes wide gap of pre-knowledge-difference. You learn to be aware of the subtle differences which might make your presentation hard to understand for them and how to deal with them. You learn techniques to illuminate your audience with your fascination for a certain topic, even if the audience might not share all your special knowledge.

Besides that, a variety of modules will teach you how to improve your oral performance, your charisma as a speaker, and your self-esteem in situations of talking freely in front of an audience of strangers. With very individual training and feedback, including video, you will be able to develop a convincing style of talking and presenting which relates to your personality and hence feels naturally to you.

The training mainly consists of a lot of practical modules, but also explains the scientific background of each session, be it psychological, linguistical or from the cognitive sciences. All modules are well-tested in the field of rhetorical training for scientists.

The training is designed to take 2 days and can be hold as a group training (6-10 participants) or as an individual coaching. It will take place in your facilities.


The design of the training proves Mr. Scholbach to be a very creative and impressingly flexible thinker of eminent mental presence. [...] I have been particularly impressed by his ability to observe the problems in the rhetoric effect of the participants and to name them not only very specifically but also in a way that made it easy for the participants to accept it and to work with the constructive critique and the suggestions of Mr. Scholbach.
Dr. h.c. Stefan Kaufmann, The President of the Constituional Court of Thuringia

The work­shop held by Jo­nathan Schol­bach opened a completely new perspective on scientific presentation to me. The relaxed and kind atmosphere made the workshop very pleasant and made learning easy. The tools I have learned there make it a lot easier for me to present my contents in a convincing way and to reach my audience. Sebastian Huhn, PhD candidate at Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig

Besides my professional record as a trainer for rhetoric for scientists, my work is influenced by the following experience:

  • As a mas­ter trai­ner for the Train-the-Trai­ner-Pro­gramme of the Federation of German Debating Clubs I participate in the education and certification of rhetoric and debating trainers.
  • I have been succesfully debating for many years (for instance I have won the Debating Championship of Eastern Germany in 2013).
  • I have given courses on rhetoric and argumentation in lectures at Fried­rich-Schiller-Uni­ver­sity Je­na (at the Facultiy of Law and at the Faculty of Philosophy)


If you would like to book a training for groups or individually, or in case you have questions regarding my training or my methods, I will be glad to receive your mail or call:

ariadne science communication
Jonathan Scholbach
+49 157 77586303